Melania Trump – A First Lady To Be Proud Of!! Thank You, GOD!

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Melania Trump is a beautiful, intelligent lady with class, and she has worked for everything that she has, unlike Moochelle that has LIED and CHEATED for everything that she and Barack have. Melania will make us proud to be Americans again!

Lady versus the Tramp = Melania and Michelle. Melania is what is right for America. Melania Trump is both beautiful inside and out. She is a wonderful mother, and an inspiration to all women.

Moochelle is what is wrong for America. She is a DISGRACE to America, and she has admitted that she was ashamed of America, and has done everything that she can to try and DESTROY America and DISGRACE our nation all over the world! She is a horrible mother! She has shown her daughters that it is alright to LIE, CHEAT, STEAL, and KILL for what you want! Barack Hussein and she have taught them it is alright to BLAME everyone else for your problems, to make EXCUSES, to BLAME white people for why you are a FAILURE, and that it is alright to get high or drunk! 

Good Riddance, two Anti-American Communist Demon-Rats = Moochelle and Hussein!!

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Just because you put lipstick on a pig, it doesn’t make it not a pig. Michelle is UGLY inside and out! A Lazy Liberal who lost her lawyers licence, and thinks that everyone owes her something! She and Hussein have LIED, CHEATED, and ROBBED the American taxpayers of so much, and they are both a DISGRACE to our nation!


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