Praise God, President Trump is Coming!

Texas Tea Party Patriots

trump landslide

GOD BLESS OUR NEW 45TH PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!!!!! GOD BLESS AMERICA We are going to #MakeAmericaGreatAgain!!! This is my answered prayers. This is the best CHRISTmas present ever!! All I wanted for CHRISTmas is a Legal, Law abiding, American Patriot, that would love Americans FIRST instead of being a TRAITOR and catering to and ENABLING the “ENEMIES WITHIN”!! Obama, Clinton, Lynch, Comey, Holder, Reid, Huma, etc…are ALL TRAITORS to America and should be in PRISON! You are smart to wait until Obama leaves or is EVICTED from our W.H. to ARREST them all, that way you can arrest Obama too!! If not then Obama would pardon #CrookedHillary. #CROOKEDHILLARY is the ENABLER to them all! She should be in GITMO for TREASON!!!

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