Merry CHRISTmas! Thank God we will have a LEGAL President to be PROUD of DJT, instead of one that we are DISGRACED by, like BHO! We will have a President that will work for us the Legal, American taxpayers, NOT the Illegals and Criminals! We have not had a LEGAL American Patriot occupying our W.H in thirty years!!  We the People, are sick to death of the LYING, CHEATING, STEALING, and KILLING by #CrookedClinton and #HorribleHussein!! 





3 thoughts on “TRUMP is UNSTUMPABLE!

  1. It is sick that more people cant wake up in America and see the Islamic movement around the world and not see it right in front them. I pray that this is true for our children that Mr. Trump will run them out of this country. It is really funny to me that this spellchecker says america is ok but islam is not??? Start with the muslim (muslim to)?? Start with the muslim brotherhood and all the muslim religion! Im no religion I am American! They are commanded to infiltrate and kill all the infidels! US! If Hitler had said Amen at the end of his orders to kill the Jews French Italians Americans would that make them a religion???? COME ON WAKE UP THIS COUNTRY! Arrest clintons obama all of the government who has aided the enemy. The people will stand and fight for this country as we always have. Now is the time to fight them not later!!! One thing everyone seems to want to ignore in the phrase illegal immigrants is the first ILLEGAL! Enough said! Tell you what I want to be rewarded for breaking the law too!!!!! YOU CANT REWARD THEM FOR BREAKING OUR LAW!!!! Their are hard working legal Mexican people here who worked hard to get here LEGAL and work hard to provide for themselves and pay taxes YES WE WANT THEM!! BUT YOU CANT MAKE THE FIGHT THEY WENT THROUGH TO BE LEGAL MEANINGLESS!@!! One thing about the muslims I think I know the answer and I want you to think.. Why are millions of the muslims running here?? HOW MANY ISLAMIC TERRORIST ARE THERE??? NOT NEARLY AS MANY AS ARE RUNNING!! GRAB A GUN AND STAND AND FIGHT!! FOR YOURSELF YOUR COUNTRY?? NO!!! The plan is to move in to the USA and spread iSLAM and they are doing right now… This is WAR!! HAS BEEN FOR YEARS Thanks

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