Obama will go down in history as a War Criminal for his TREASON against our country, for his use of ISIS around the world, and for DEFRAUDING the American people!

Image result for Obama will go down in history as a war criminal for his TREASON against our country, for his use of ISIS around the world, and for DEFRAUDING the American people!

“As the most scandalous and embarrassing president in American history leaves office, Barack Obama does his best to set fire after fire on his way out. 

Obama is not only petty, unprofessional and immature, but he is proving that his bitterness over Trump’s election and not protecting what he calls his “legacy” through Hillary Clinton, is driving him into a very dark place. Obama believes his time as president was to caress and seed his sole desires, to pleasure himself on a personal level, and to destroy any and all opposition to anything he pleased. He was never about serving the best interest of our country, our people, performing his sworn duties, cementing our future, or maintaining a positive standing in the world. Obama believes in his twisted, narcissistic mind, that being president was instead a seat as supreme ruler, and he gorged himself on money and power without a care to the impact it would have on those he swore to serve and protect.

Instead, Obama lied over and over again to the American people. His entire presidential existence was based on defrauding us and selling us on something he never had any intention of delivering.

Never did we ask for, or vote for this man’s true, untold vision. He knew we would never buy what he was selling, so he purposefully and with intent, lied to us to hide his goals, playing a game of cat & mouse while he quietly carried them out. Goals to aid our enemies, open our borders, bring in millions of people without a care to the impact or cost it would have on us, to fund and arm terrorists, mandate an unconstitutional takeover of our healthcare system, drive us into astronomical debt, expand his presidential power, and use it as a battering ram against our Constitution, our judicial system, and our God given rights as American citizens to live freely in our country without fear of government persecution. He has put us in more danger, caused unquestionable societal harm, negatively impacted our sovereignty, destroyed our standing in the world, and divided this country to the point of revolution.

Obama will go down in history as a war criminal for his treason against our country, for his use of ISIS around the world, and for defrauding the American people. Give it time.

And as we reach the bitter end of this man’s presidency, we watch as he scrambles to leave our country, and the office of president at its’ lowest place in history. Obama pardons 100’s of convicted drug felons on top of numerous terrorists and thousands of felons he’s already released, and turned them out into the streets.

He decommissions our navy leaving us and those we protect, completely exposed.

He passes a bill that attacks our 1st amendment rights and sucker punches our allies right where it hurts the most, just in time as this lame duck coward ducks out the door.

Obama hurriedly performs his final show of malicious and vindictive character against America and her allies. And he does it all with a smile. He thinks he will never have to face the repercussions of his actions. He will. Nobody is above law, not even Obama.


Oh, blessed be that God saw fit to give us a superman in Mr. Donald J. Trump, to bring us back from the brink of destruction. But I wonder how long will it take to bring our country back to law & order? To see that those like Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are brought to justice to answer for their crimes? To seek out those who wish to do us harm hiding in our borders, and be relieved of the monstrous cost of millions of illegals bleeding us dry? To bring balance and harmony back to our every day lives and peace among our people? But most of all, how long will it take for the wounds inflicted on the hearts and minds of the American public to heal from the hellish last 8 years under this walking, talking, crime against humanity? I hope the answer is soon. So as President Trump begins what could only be described as the challenge of lifetime, I hope he knows that we will be with him every step of his long and arduous journey. That we are awake, and that we will do everything in our power to clear the field so that he can do what needs to be done, to Make America Great Again. #DrainTheSwamp“source: Lillie Pearlman


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