ACCEPTANCE is the Solution to our Problems! UNITE and help us save America!!


Texas Tea Party Patriots

Watchmen Of Our Forefathers #NeverHillary and NeverTrump??? Really??

There are NO other choices! I will unite with #TRUMP and #ONLYTRUMP, because I would NEVER vote for the Benghazi Bitch!! Trump was NOT short delegates! Don’t believe the LIES! The demons are trying to separate us, don’t let them!  ACCEPT IT, #TRUMP WON, LET GO OF IT! GROW UP!

YOUR NEXT PRESIDENT, GET OVER IT TRUMP HATERS!I am the Tea Party and I am a supporter for #ONLYTRUMP! People need to grow up and accept the fact that Cruz and all of the other GOPers LOST, and be mature about it and UNITE and vote for #ONLYTRUMP to save our beloved nation!! If Cruz would have won, and he was not one of the same old shit = bought off politicians, then I would have voted for him to save our country!

Featured Image -- 4953Do NOT allow the Demons to separate us! This is exactly what…

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