Praise God! We Finally Have An American Patriot, President Trump!

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If you’re an ISIS or other terrorist who was planning on infiltrating the Syrian “refugee” population and making your way to the United States, you’ll need to either abandon terrorism as a career choice or, at a minimum, find a new target. Merkel’s Germany seems like a logical alternative but France under Hollande is just…

via Trump Signs Executive Order Barring Likely Terrorists From Entering US — RickWells.US


Praise God! We Finally Have An American Patriot President, Trump! A President that will look out for the safety of Legal American Patriots INSTEAD of the Illegals, Criminals, and Terrorists from the satanic cult of Islam! My God, they have admitted that their plan is to Destroy America and Kill us Infidels! They believe that it is alright to LIE, CHEAT, STEAL and KILL us!!! Obama is one of them! I have been screaming that for eight years!! Our useless Congress refused to do their jobs and IMPEACH the SOB or STOP his DEMONIC agendas!! Hope that he and Clinton drop dead real soon and go to rot in hell with mohammed!!


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